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 Born in Paris, France, Estha is one of the latest in a long long of tribal princes and chiefs from Cameroon with an ancestry going back to ancient Egypt:she is a real princess

She spent her formative years mainly in Paris where she went to the Conservatory at the age of 6 to study music, piano and ballet...
She started to compose her own songs on guitar at the age of 13 and joined her first band at 16 ;she then started to play bass while singing... She worked with Manu Dibango, Jean-Luc Ponty,  Claude Nougaro, Mylène Farmer, Jimmy Cliff,  Princess Erika (her sister), Mokhtar Samba,  Tcheky Karyo, Reverend T., Paco Sery, Mikael Bolton and Mariah Carey (in Bercy and the Zenith, Paris), April King, Era (Eric Levi), Graeme Revell, Armand Sabal lecco, Yvan Cassar, Barbara Hendricks, Marianne James, Mitch L, Jay Lou Ava, Les Cent Voix, American Gospel, Les Nubians and many more...
On stage she directs the band while singing, playing bass and keyboards, sometimes on guitar and dancing too. Her songs are in English, African languages and French. You might say she's eclectic yes she is : her voice could deliver opera, soul ,jazz, african, diphonic and overtone chants etc...Her versatility takes you to another universe where she blends soulful rythms with ethnic sounds and a glimpse of rock attitude at times.
Singer,musician, actress, producer; Take the time to discover her world, there's a lot to take there and a lot more to come...In the mean time, She says with a smile :"Stay in the Divine Light",

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